Unleash Pain-Free Movement & Tranquility

Our new Mobility and Calming Dog Chews are formulated to help them thrive, naturally.


Get Your Life Back

Don’t give in to pain, stress, and sleep issues even if nothing you’ve tried has worked. We’ll help you find transformative relief that will get you feeling like you again.*

Get Your
Life Back

Don’t give in to pain, stress, and sleep issues even if nothing you’ve tried has worked. We’ll help you find transformative relief that will get you feeling like you again.*

Nearly Instantaneous Results.

Especially when taken consistently, CBD can deliver life-changing results in as little as 5 minutes by interacting naturally with receptors in your body.*

No Harsh Side Effects, Ever.

It isn’t a solution if it causes unpleasant side effects. CBD is your natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and over-the-counter medications.*

99.7% Success Rate.

Our industry-leading formulations have helped thousands overcome even the most stubborn cases of stress, pain, and sleep problems.*

Change Your Life With Our

Best Sellers

Change Your Life With Our Best Sellers

Best Seller
Localized Relief
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Fast Acting
Best Seller
Fast Acting
Best Seller
Fast Acting
Best Seller
Fast Acting & Long Lasting Relief
Best Seller
Long Lasting Relief
Best Seller
Long Lasting Relief

Our Mission is Your Well-Being

We’re three close friends dedicated to helping people feel their best.

After experiencing the miraculous benefits of CBD in our own lives, we found our calling in sharing this incredible plant-based solution with as many people as possible.

R&R is a military term meaning rest and relaxation. As a veteran-owned company, we chose this term to guide how we want our customers to feel in their bodies and minds. We’re striving towards a world where no one lives with discomfort that prevents them from living their best lives–and this world is possible thanks to CBD.


Read the Transformations for Yourself


"I've been using R&R CBD gummies to help with sleep issues for over a year now. I've got osteoarthritis in my knees. These gummies are great for when the NSAIDs don't do the job, plus they taste great."

- Susan L.

"Literally, this product worked overnight for me. No pain to keep me awake at night, no pain throughout the day."

- Scé E.

"Since my back surgery and total knee replacement I have taken CBD gummies 60mg for the past 1 1/2 years. I've pretty much stopped all other meds."

- Donald R.

"This is a good, pure product which has helped me greatly with pain and the ability to sleep through the night. The customer service has been exceptional, which is a very rare thing these days."

- Janet R.

"Six months after knee replacement I’m still rubbing this on at night to sleep. Its effects are amazing and I highly recommend it. I get 4-5 hours of relief which is great."

- Sherry F.

"These have helped me deal with work stress and anxiety. I take one after a rough work day and it helps me relax and sleep better. They also taste pretty good."

- Torie Y.

"Bought the 1000mg tincture for back pain but found a lot of other uses. Been a life saver. Works for stomach issues, muscle pains, tooth pains and stress! Every one in the family uses it and it helps us all."

- Lee C.

"I often experience nights when sleep is elusive since menopause. Not anymore! These gummies are a blessing and then some! I no longer struggle to fall asleep, and I sleep all night long. Best "find" for nighttime!"

- Kathy H.

"R&R gummies made me feel how I’ve always thought that maybe I could feel, similar to how I felt as a kid. Now I give back in the same way, and anyone I come into contact with who suffers from overthinking, I give them two R&R gummies."

- Katerina G.

"I have been using R&R Softgels for the past few years to manage stress, sleep and body pain. They work wonders. I have not found another CBD product that is as effective!"

- Tessie B.

"Had been suffering with sciatica pain for about 18 months. Tried phyisical therapy, prescription pain meds, stretching, etc. Tried half a dropper of 2500mg R&R Tincture at night, and the pain went away in less than a week."

- Fred K.

"I started out by giving my 14 year old lab R&R CBD Dog Chews which gave her great relief from her arthritis aches and pains. When I added the tincture to her daily regimen, I noticed an even greater improvement to her overall health and wellbeing."

- Mary Z.


Of Customers Experience Results

We know you’ll love our products–that’s why our Money-Back Guarantee gives you 60 days to try them out. Life is stressful enough: we make sure your relief journey isn’t.


The CBD That Works™

Discover why we’re a cut above.

USDA-Certified Organic Hemp

We’ve selected a superior, genetically unique strain of hemp with a robust cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profile and work with local family farms to grow USDA-certified organic crops.

Always Third-Party Tested

Our CBD extract is always third-party tested for potency, purity, and safety to ensure you experience the transformation you deserve.

Expert Formulation

We assembled a world-class team of scientists, doctors, chemists, and others to develop and share our unique products with the world.

Doctor-Endorsed Solutions

Partnering with trusted medical experts is an important part of our mission to help people improve the quality of their lives naturally.

“Throughout my nearly 20 years of clinical experience, I have seen first-hand how effective CBD can be, especially for those who need alternatives to pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications that can cause harsh side effects. R&R’s dedication to helping people was immediately clear to me thanks to their highest-quality, versatile formulations. Not all CBD companies are created equal, but R&R is the real deal which makes it a pleasure to partner with them.”

Kimberly Langdon,