This Program Won't Work If

  • The IP address is the same for both email accounts (this is built into the system to prevent fraudulent activity).  For instance, two people using the same computer would most likely prevent the code from working.
  • One user is using two different email addresses for the same person; this is not allowed as it is not a true referral.
  • If two users are on the same computer, cookies may be preventing redemption. Have one user try on a different device, like a smartphone.
  • Advocate and Referral Names were entered using the same name. A person cannot refer themself.

Email us at with any questions!

Retail Referrals

Do you want to see R+R at your local grocer, wellness store, spa, gym, doctor’s office, or pet store? Send us the name of the business, a point of contact, and an email address or phone number, and we’ll send you a six month supply of your favorite product when the location places their first wholesale order.

Please contact us at or call/text us at
(303) 536-1792 with the information!

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