Broad Spectrum

Robust Relief Without THC

Similar to Full-Spectrum, these THC-free formulas offer a robust minor cannabinoid profile with terpenes, and other phytonutrients, delivering the powerful relief of CBD without THC.*

Broad Spectrum

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Similar to Full-Spectrum, our THC-free formulas offer a robust cannabinoid profile with terpenes and other phytonutrients, delivering the powerful relief of CBD without THC. 

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Best Seller

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"These softgels are great. I love the gummies but sometimes I don't want the taste right before bed, so it's been really nice to have this option!"

- Kristi V.

"I have been struggling with going to sleep and staying asleep for several years! A friend told me about R&R and led me to this product, and I love it! It has changed my sleep in a wonderful way."

- Sheila T.

"No hyperbole or glowing testimonial here. Simply, it works. Noticeably reduces, does not eliminate, my thumb joint arthritis pain. I also like the easy to apply, non greasy formulation."

- Tony P.

"Been using these for about a year now, they taste just like candy, so be careful :-) I use the Broad Spectrum and it is very effective to calm me. Customer service is top notch!"

- Victor B.

"This brand has really helped me sleep and alleviate my chronic pain. I haven't needed to use any OTC pain medication for months. I sleep through the night and wake up rested. Highly recommend!"

- Susan L.

"I have been using these gummies for quite some time now and find them great. I have had quite a few injuries and not only do they relieve the pain from these, but, I also find I sleep better."

- Gwyneth J.

"I have used the THC-free CBD softgels daily since 2018 for my arthritic knees, and if I skip a day I definitely feel it! I had tried other brands, but R&R is the real deal and I've stayed with them because of the positive results."

- Gail O.

"The R&R CBD tincture helps me with pain and arthritis, plus it helps me sleep. I only need one large dose each morning for maintenance. I highly recommend R&R."

- Mark F.

"These have helped me deal with work stress and anxiety. I take one after a rough work day and it helps me relax and sleep better. They also taste pretty good."

- Torie Y.

"I love R&R, and it has been a relief for me since I started it. Great Customer Service too, so thank you!"

- Eileen F.

"I’m pleased to say that the CBD gummies have gotten me through the pain I have had recovering from my total knee replacement. I feel less stressed as well. My rehabilitation for my knee went smoother since I felt less pain."

- Rise H.

This product relieves almost all my arthritis pain in my hips. It's fantastic, with no side effects at all—thank you for providing this.

- Anne V.
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What Doctors Are Saying

Doctors agree: CBD is a proven and effective all-natural alternative to conventional solutions for pain, stress, and sleep issues.

“I constantly recommend CBD, especially to those who don’t want the hassle of dealing with side effects from OTC-type drugs. I like R&R’s high-quality, all-natural product line because of their phytonutrient-rich formulas and the fact that they offer a range of potencies as solutions for all types of conditions, from mild to severe. The science is clear: a CBD routine can work wonders even for those who’re struggling with stubborn chronic conditions.”*

Kimberly Langdon,


Your Questions, Answered.

Which is better, Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD?
Full Spectrum CBD, due to its comprehensive phytonutrient profile of terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, and other cannabinoids, is thought to offer more extensive potential benefits for conditions like inflammation, pain, or anxiety. CBD is thought to become more effective when consumed with THC and other phytonutrients.

Broad Spectrum provides this same spectrum of benefits, only without any THC. Broad Spectrum products are suitable for those prioritizing a THC-free regimen.*
Do your THC Free CBD Gummies really work?
Our THC Free CBD Gummies have worked wonders for people–there’s a reason they are one of our best sellers!

Featuring a potent and effective Broad Spectrum formula that enables the entourage effect, our Gummies have helped people manage their anxiety, reduce their pain, and help them feel like their best selves.*
What product should I choose?
Depends on what you're trying to achieve! Our customers tend to opt for our Functional products if they have only one issue they're looking to tackle. The formulas for our Functional line contain a proprietary blend of botanicals and adaptogens to provide targeted relief for stress, pain, or sleeping issues.

If you struggle with multiple issues, like pain and stress, our Multifunctional products will be your best bet. These formulas work with the endocannabinoid system to bring balance to the body, promoting holistic body-mind wellness. Plus, with these products, you can cut down on your regimen since one product can tackle multiple issues. You can further tailor your experience by choosing from our Regular, Extra, and Maximum Strength offerings to address symptoms ranging from mild to more severe.*
Should I take CBD on an empty stomach?
Yes. We recommend taking CBD on an empty stomach since we find it’s the best way to experience maximum benefits from your products. We also suggest eating a meal about 30 minutes after your dose to help ensure that as much CBD is getting absorbed into your system as possible. However, this isn’t a requirement and you’ll still reap the benefits of CBD if taken after a meal or regardless of timing - this just ensures the most consistent experience each time.*
Will CBD show up in urine drug tests?
Urine drug tests typically do not test for CBD. These tests are instead aimed at detecting THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

THC-free CBD products are a safer bet when it comes to eliminating detectable levels of THC in the body. Still, we recommend not using any cannabis products whatsoever if you know you’re going to be tested in the near future as many tests may yield a “false positive” for THC from other cannabinoids. We recommend speaking with your employer before starting any CBD regimen to understand their policy around hemp and cannabis products.
How quickly will your products ship?
R&R CBD utilizes USPS, FedEx, and other services for shipping. We are proud to offer free shipping on any U.S. subscription orders and on all U.S. orders of $60 or more. Packages ordered with standard shipping may take up to seven days to arrive, though they usually arrive in up to five days. International shipping options are provided at checkout.
Do you ship to other countries?
We ship to many countries. Here’s a complete list:

United States
New Zealand

We’ll help you tailor the perfect routine so you can start feeling your best.