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We stand behind the quality of our products, and we’re confident that you’ll have an excellent experience with them. Try our products consistently and at least once per day for a few weeks, and if your expectations aren’t met, you’re welcome to return them for a full refund within 60 Days of your purchase.

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Read the Transformations for Yourself


"My overall mood has changed dramatically since I started taking CBD. Highly recommend giving it a try."

- Matias W.

"Had been suffering with sciatica pain for about 18 months. Tried physical therapy, prescription pain meds, stretching, etc. Tried half a dropper of 2500mg R&R Tincture at night, and the pain went away in less than a week."

- Fred K.

"I've been using R&R CBD gummies to help with sleep issues for over a year now. I've got osteoarthritis in my knees. These gummies are great for when the NSAIDs don't do the job, plus they taste great."

- Susan L.

"They work absolutely wonderful. They help my brain slow down so I can actually think straight. Aches and pains disappeared. Your product is AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU!!!"

- Jeannie P.

"I started out by giving my 14 year old lab R&R CBD Dog Chews which gave her great relief from her arthritis aches and pains. When I added the tincture to her daily regimen, I noticed an even greater improvement to her overall health and wellbeing."

- Mary Z.

"100% resolution of pain! This product is better than anything else I have experienced!"

- William B.

"Good sleep is sometimes difficult for me. I tried these, not really expecting them to work but when I slept better the first night and then the second night, I knew I had found something that helps!"

- Timothy I.

"I love these gummies. Just what i need to get through my shift feeling content and calm."

- Arlene J.

"I’m a 73 year old woman and just this past weekend I was out shoveling snow. I have been taking CBD oil for over 10 years and I wouldn’t skip a day. This has helped me stay agile and limber and feeling much younger than most elderly women my age. I love it."

- Antoinette L.

"For me, this is perfect to take an hour or two before bed to calm and quiet my brain allowing me to naturally settle down before bedtime—and sleep more soundly."

- Valerie A.

"An amazing product. A little bit of R&R's CBD Pain Cream goes a long way. It has taken away nearly all of my chronic osteoarthritis pain. Just be sure to use it at least once a day and you will get the best results."

- Mark P.

"I have been using R&R Softgels for the past few years to manage stress, sleep, and body pain. They work wonders. I have not found another CBD product that is as effective!"

- Tessie B.